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Why Byers Chevrolet

Have you found that dealerships don’t have the same inventory that they once did? The reality is that you can still get your hands on a car – and ordering your car through Chevrolet is going to be your best option. With the help from us at Byers Chevrolet, we can help you build the car of your dreams.

All it takes is understanding why ordering a car may be the easiest way for you to get what you want without feeling as though you’re settling for just any available car.

Why Inventories are Dwindling

The pandemic has caused problems across all aspects of the supply chain. The automobile industry is struggling to manufacture new vehicles and get them out to dealerships. One of the main reasons for this is due to chip shortages. It’s slowing down the manufacturing process – and it could be months before dealerships start to see more vehicles added to their inventory.

Although inventories are dwindling, it doesn’t mean that you have to wait to buy a car.

Chevrolet is giving you the option to build your car to spec. It will provide you with first priority when making your car. The manufacturers have said that they are focused on building the cars for direct customers before building cars for dealership inventories.

So…you can skip the line by ordering your car.

You won’t have to worry about how small an inventory is. You won’t have to worry about not finding your “perfect” car at the dealership.


The Benefits of Ordering a Car

You’ll find that there are many benefits of being able to order a car from the manufacturer.

When you order, you’re able to choose the trim, the color, and all of the available features that you want. Interested in a particular package? It’s yours. Looking for a specific color combination? Consider it done.

When you shop the inventory of a dealership, you’re at the mercy of what’s available. You may feel as though you’re making sacrifices just to buy a car. You may get the model you want, but you’ll have to compromise on the exterior color or the trim level. You may also have to say goodbye to a particular package or special edition.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll get everything you want when you shop at a dealership. It’s simply the way it is because the dealership is only given so many of a particular model – and the configurations can vary.

If you’ve ever gone onto a manufacturer’s website where you can “build” your car, you know that there are countless choices. You start with your trim level, choose the exterior and interior colors, and, then, begin adding various safety, interior, and entertainment features.

Building your car online can seem like a tease when you know you’re going to end up at a dealership.

But…it doesn’t have to be a tease. Now, you can order the car that you build. It’s not only the best way to get exactly what you want, but it can also be the fastest and easiest way to buy a car.

Order Your Car at Byers Chevrolet Today

Now is the time to look at ordering a car. You can get all of the features that you really want. After all, why get a vehicle out of a dealer’s inventory when it’s not really what you want?

When you’re in the area of Grove City, Ohio you can rely on us to help you with ordering your car. We can go over the details, make recommendations on features, and ensure you build a car to encompass all of your specifications.

Trade-ins are worth more at this moment, too. With so few vehicles in inventory, the demand is greater. Your car could be worth hundreds if not thousands more than it was a year ago because of so many people looking for new and used cars.

Ordering a car still entitles you to all of the great deals – and that includes financing your car to obtain affordable monthly payments.

When you’re ready to step into a new vehicle, contact us at Byers Chevrolet today. We’ll help you order a car and even get you a great deal on your trade-in.